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Hello again
I found a solution myself.
Searching the internet : caterpillars....This is probably a larva of a Phobetron sp. (moth fam Limacodidae)

If correct, Auke can you move this item...

Other invertebrates - Andere ongewervelden - Autres invertébrés / unknow ??
« Last post by Vivieke on Sat, 20 October 2018, 02:52:11 PM »

Found this creature this morning sitting on a palmleaf in our garden in Palm Village Commewijne. 
About 3cm long.  I have no idea what it is.
I hope someone can figure this out.

Reptiles - Reptielen - Reptiles / Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus or juvenile of other species?
« Last post by Dimitri on Fri, 19 October 2018, 11:03:15 PM »
Hi guys,

Is this a possible Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus or do juveniles of other species also have this pattern? I haven't seen this pattern before on an Erythrolamprus.. Specimen was not collected so unfortunately no scale counts. Location Commewijne, Suriname.
I had this insect indentified as a Zelurus sp.
Could anyone here tell me more about the species ?
Suggested names : Z. femoralis...
Thank you.

Hello there,
Is it possible to say more than only Montina sp. regarding this picture ?
Thanks !

Other insects - Andere insecten - Autres insectes / Weird fly at Raleighvallen
« Last post by Dimitri on Fri, 12 October 2018, 10:20:34 AM »
Hi guys,

Are there any fly specialists that care to try this one?

Was found on a tree trunk at Raleighvallen on 14-03-2017.

Bigger than a housefly (maybe twice as big).
Thank you, dr. Longhorn! Also for your other comments. This is very helpful, also the interesting link you added.

Kind regards,
Klaas de Jong
Thanks a lot for the answer sjl197

Plants - Planten - Plantes / Re: Plant at Danpaati River Lodge
« Last post by Vally on Wed, 10 October 2018, 10:37:11 PM »
Thanks Olivier
I appreciate it a lot 😀😀😀😀😀



Nice job for people who are seemingly new to spiders!

Almost though, this should be Argiope submaronica
It was called Argiope savignyi until revised in 2012, so if looking for images also try that name.
The various species are pretty well studied, this link is a great paper for them (and free pdf download if login to site)

Just a note, for all animals, the family names always end with the suffix "-idae".
So Argiope is a genus level grouping for several closely related species, while the wider family for these plus others is family Araneidae.
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