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Awareness of the effect goldmining - Make the difference in goldmining
« on: Sat, 06 September 2014, 10:57:40 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am a student of Applied Biology (bachelor) and I have been in Suriname for my internship (for more information about myself, I post a message in the topic I will introduce myself). I have discover that I have a great feelings with tropics and I am very disappointing what happens with our beautiful world. One of the problems of Suriname is goldmining. Goldmining is done with mercury and this very toxic for the ecoysteem and the people that are dependent of this ecosysteem. Local people in the inlands doing everything with this water (washing cloths/food/washing thereself in this water etc.). Local people eat fish that is toxic with merecury. Women in gets childeren with limitations etc. I ask you to watch is video for realizing what is happing in our world: (first part of this video is going Suriname history, later you will see facts about gold mining).

I am in my last year of my study and I am one of 20 student of my University that is allowed in the Innovation Class. This means that your working for your passion and about a social problem. So you can guess what I want. I want create awareness of this problem. I want people known when the are buying a  golden wedding ring or golden bracelet that they the known story behind it. I am thinking about a communication/education project. I known it is very hard (policital, ecomomics) but have we always stand to side-line watching what it is happening? Do we have to watch how a quiet disaster is happen?

I want ask all people to share information/ideas for this project with me. For this project is Suriname my goal, but information about other countries are also welcome. Maybe you know people who can help me. Maybe you want to help or cooporate with me. I think cooperation with this problem make the difference! I have a team of 19 other student and 6 teachers who want help me, thinking about this project. But I also need a lot people who also have knowlegde, information and important contacts. I think a international cooperation make a difference. All information or help is welcome! (elkenijman 'at' or a private message).

More information will follow! (I am sorry if my english is not very well, but I think my story is clear ;) )

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