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Personal clean-up action
« on: Wed, 28 August 2019, 01:05:58 AM »
Last Sunday, I’ve been to Braamspunt again. Braamspunt is a sand beach on the right-hand side of the mouth of the Suriname River, and is best reached by taking a so-called tent boat from Leonsberg on the north side of Paramaribo. I’ve been at Braamspunt twice before this month with Daniël Bechan, who is investigating hatching percentages of sea turtles there, and the volunteers who are helping him with this. Last time, I was pretty upset because of all the garbage on the beach. So today I went with him again, but this time with the intention to remove a good part of all this washed up and on the spot disposed litter. All in all, I have spent five hours picking up garbage, resulting in 19 well-filled garbage bags and the remains of a wheelbarrow. With thanks to Daniël who was so kind to take me with him and is looking for funds for the garbage bags, boatswain Baas Min who allowed all of it to go aboard his boat, and Reggie of We Love Suriname Tours and Services, who took over the bags and wheelbarrow back in Leonsberg and drove them in his pick-up straight to the Ornamibo garbage dump. Now the rest of the beach, as I've only cleaned part of it...