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Hello all,

I’ve made a list of books and websites which I think can be helpful for identifying mammal species from the Guianas. To increase the usefulness of the list I’ve added some short descriptions. If you have additions or other remarks (like if you notice dead links or spelling errors), please post them as a reply to this message and I will include them in this list when I've got time. :)


Boinski S. 2002. De apen van Suriname / The monkeys of Suriname. STINASU, Paramaribo, Suriname. 64 pp. ISBN 99914-964-2-4.
In English and Dutch. Color photos and black-and white drawings. Short descriptions and extensive information on life histories of all 8 Surinamese monkey species.

Charles-Dominique P., Brosset A. & Jouard S. 2001. Les chauves-souris de Guyane. Patrimoines Naturels volume 49. Publications Scientifique de M.N.H.N., Paris, France. 172 pp. ISSN 1281-6213, ISBN 2-85653-535-6.
In French. Color photos and black-and-white drawings. Information regarding the various roles of bats in the ecosystems of French Guiana as well as a key to and diagnostic descriptions of most of the bat species of French Guiana.

Emmons L.H. & Feer F. 1999. Neotropical rainforest mammals: A field guide (2nd edition). The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, U.S.A. 307 pp. ISBN 0-226-20721-8.
In English. Color and black-and-white drawings. Descriptions, sounds, natural history and distributions, status and local names of neotropical rainforest mammals.

Mittermeier R.A., Rylands A.B., Roosmalen M.G.M. van, Norconk M.A., Konstant W.R. & Famolare L. ND. Monkeys of the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana): Pocket identification guide. Conservation International, Arlington. U.S.A. ISBN 978-1-934151-19-8.
In English. Color and black-and-white drawings. Descriptions, natural history, distribution and many local names of all 8 monkey species of the Guianas. Including extensive drawings of postures and movements.

None found.
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