Author Topic: Helpful literature and websites for identifying Guianese beetle species  (Read 3165 times)

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Hello all,

I’ve made a list of books and websites which I think can be helpful for identifying beetle species from the Guianas. To increase the usefulness of the list I’ve added some short descriptions. If you have additions or other remarks (like if you notice dead links or spelling errors), please post them as a reply to this message and I will include them in this list when I've got time. :)

Some links contain also photos of other insects.


Hequet V. 1996. Longicornes de Guyane. Silvolab, Cayenne, French Guiana, France. 36 pp. + 19 plates + index. ISBN 2-9509686-1-9.
In French. General information regarding the biology and collecting of longhorn beetles as well as color photos of 147 pinned species from French Guiana.

In French. Information regarding several volumes of combined articles of beetle species of various families occurring in French Guiana.
In French. Photos gallery of pinned longhorn beetles of French Guiana. Also a limited number of photos of trapping methods and living French Guianese insects.
In French. Gallery of pinned insects. Mostly beetles but also some other insect groups. All from French Guiana.
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Re: Helpful literature and websites for identifying Guianese beetle species
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In the site of ACOREP-France, you may find references to publications on the Coleoptera fauna of French Guiana: