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Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Re: Isognathus sp caterpillar
« Last post by kdjong on Mon, 11 January 2021, 06:33:10 AM »
Thank you, Auke!
Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Re: Isognathus sp caterpillar
« Last post by Auke on Fri, 08 January 2021, 12:36:31 PM »
A very happy new year to you too!  :thumbs_up: :cheers:

And you've made a good start: this is indeed an Isognathus, more precise I. caricae.


Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Isognathus caricae
« Last post by kdjong on Sat, 02 January 2021, 07:28:14 AM »
Dear friends,

Happy New Year to you all! I thought I'd start the year with a colourful caterpillar to be identified. Any ID? I guess Sphingidae, possibly Isognathus?

Thanx in advance,
Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Re: Bedroom Butterflies
« Last post by Auke on Fri, 20 November 2020, 01:50:27 AM »
Hello and welcome Hans, and thank you for posting these photo's!

Both are of moths (nachtvlinders) rather than butterflies (dagvlinders), which is why I've moved this topic. Both belong in the family Erebidae, but as my laptop is currently being repaired, I can't access my files to dig up the exact names. I will post the full name of the first and at least the genus name of the second (which is more difficult to ID to species level) when I got my laptop back.

Cheers, Auke

P.S.: in the future, please open a new topic for each species; it helps keeping the forum searchable. ;)
Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Bedroom Butterflies
« Last post by Hans Majong on Sat, 14 November 2020, 01:22:22 PM »
I tried to look up these butterflies, but have no clue.
Where: Nieuw Amsterdam area near the estuary in Commewijne on the bedroom wall
When: begin of November 2020 at night
Size: about seven centimeter
Moths - Nachtvlinders - Papillons de nuit / Re: Small unknown moth, Brownsberg.
« Last post by Auke on Sat, 11 July 2020, 02:04:26 AM »
Hi Paul!

This is a Trichromia gaudialis (Erebidae: Arctiinae).

Cheers, Auke :-)
Hi Steve,

The first one is a male Eacles adoxa.
The second one is a Citheronia hamifera hamifera.
The third one is a Rothschildia, either R. aurota aurota or R. hesperus hesperus.

Cheers, Auke :-)
Thanks, Auke! In the mean time I had already changed it myself to Nymphidium baeotia W.C. Hewitson 1853.

I will look into it later.

Butterflies - Dagvlinders - Papillons de jour / Re: Leucidia brephos
« Last post by Auke on Fri, 10 July 2020, 05:17:43 PM »
I guess that ID could well be right. Even though the photo is not focused, the whiteness and posture of the specimen are quite distinctive. The species is also mentioned in "Butterflies of Suriname: a natural history."

Cheers, Auke :-)
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