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Hello all,

I’ve made a list of books and websites which I think can be helpful for identifying reptile species of the Guianas. To increase the usefulness of the list I’ve added some short descriptions. If you have additions or other remarks (like if you notice dead links or spelling errors), please post them as a reply to this message and I will include them in this list when I've got time. :)


Abuys, B. 2003. Slangen van Suriname en de andere guyana's. Gopher Publishers, Groningen. 592 p. ISBN: 978-9051791105.
In Dutch. Rather poor quality black-and-white photos and extensive information on all Surinamese snake species.

Abuys, B. 2015. Slangen in Suriname. VACO Uitgeversmaatschappij, Paramaribo. 280 p. ISBN: 978-9991400907.
In Dutch. Color photos and some info about most of Suriname's snake species. Basically the photos that are missing in Abuys 2003.

Hielkema A.J. 2009. Gids voor uw bezoek aan de zeeschildpadden van Suriname. Groenhart Produkties, Paramaribo, Suriname. 80 pp. ISBN 978-99914-7-003-0.
In Dutch. Color photos, black-and-white drawings. Information about sea turtle biology, nesting process, nesting calendar, ecological importance, research, threats, protective measures, coastal ecology, local culture etc. Diagnostics, nesting details, feeding habits etc. of all sea turtle species nesting in the Guianas.

Hoekert W. & Jansen K. 2005 (reprint). De zeeschildpadden van Galibi. Biotopic. 32 pp.
In Dutch. Black-and-white drawings. Basal information regarding the biology of and threats for the 3 commonest sea turtle species of Suriname. Booklet meant for the education of children.

Hoogmoed M.S. (reprints from Lacerta 1974-1975). De hagedissen en wormhagedissen van Suriname. Stinasu, Paramaribo, Suriname. p. 31-52, 87-104, 143-160, 179-196.
In Dutch. Black-and-white photos. Diagnostics, biology, rarity and distribution of the lizards and amphibaenians of Suriname.

Schulz J.P. 1980. Zeeschildpadden die in Suriname leggen. Natuurgids serie B no. 5. Stinasu, Paramaribo, Suriname. 113 pp.
In Dutch. Black-and-white photos, color photos on separate cards and meant to be glued into the book. Just about anything regarding the sea turtle species visiting the Surinamese coast for nesting. Text partly outdated.

Starace F. 1998. Guide des serpents et amphisbènes de Guyane, Ibis Rouge Éditions, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, France. 449 pp. ISBN 2-911390-27-X
In French, species abstracts in English. Color photos and maps. Diagnostic characteristics, size, habits, feeding preferences, methods of reproduction, maps, local names and toxicity for all snake species and amphisbaenians of French Guiana.

Starace, F. 2013. Serpents et amphisbènes de Guyane française. Ibis Rouge Éditions, Matoury, French Guiana. 604 p. ISBN: 978-2844504074.
In French, species abstracts in English. Extended reprint of Starace 1998.

None found.
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Re: Helpful literature and websites for identifying Guianese reptile species
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Just an update to the book by Starace. There is a new (2014) second edition, with many more data. Same publisher.
Marinus Hoogmoed

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Re: Helpful literature and websites for identifying Guianese reptile species
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I've added the extended reprint of Starace 1998 as well as two books by Abuys. :)

Cheers, Auke